Thank you for visiting our Vienmerisce USA website!

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Thank you for visiting our Vienmerisce USA website!

I hope you enjoyed your tour and answered your own questions you may of had before you visited our VMAS-USA civic coumminty organization web page. 

Vienmerisce USA, Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA) & Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA (VM-VTM-USA).

Vienmerisce USA & Vienmerisce American Society:

Monocracy Director & President:

Primary administrative person to contact if you have any questions and are interested in becoming a member. Message the president of VMAS directly if you have any important or curious questions about our Vienmerisce American Society- don't be shy!

"Don't be a procrastinator when it comes to family".

-President of VMAS-USA & Vienmerisce USA
Fepbrina Estrelvia Keivaulqe Autiameineire

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire

U.S. American candidate for California Senate 2022 (2024)

Monocracy Leuvaulte-Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte of U.S. Political Campaign Committee Organization, Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA. Official Candidate of the United States of America election for California State Senate for 2022 (2024).

Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA

U.S. Political Campaign Committee for candidacy for California Senate

Established by F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire since Nov. 3rd, 2020. Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA (VM-VTM-USA) is a U.S. Political Campaign Committee Organization of VMAS-USA for Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire's 2022 (2024) candidacy for California State Senate of the U.S. America.

Donations & Contribution Bank

Vienmerisce USA

If you would like to make a contribution to our glorious civic community, you can contact the official president-monocracy director to inquire of how to distrubute your donation. Thank you again for all your generous support and consideration!

Upcoming Father's Day of June 2021

Vienmerisce American Society (VMAFS-USA)

Special acknowledgements to everyone of our VMAFS-USA, a special specific memorial holiday for proud Father's of the United States of America. Happy Father's Day! 

Vienmerisce USA's (VMAS/VMAFS)
Monocracy Leuvaulte-Veittmeignzce & Loiveitte:

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire

Direct Contact Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone#: 1(626)233-8761

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