Vienmerisce Today in the USA

Happy Vesak Day in the USA!

May 23th, 2024

Buddha Purnima Day also known as Buddha Day & Vesak Day is a international holiday celebrated all over the world by Buddhist in recognition of Siddhartha Gautama, the original Buddha and origin of Buddhism. 

Shout outz to the Vienmerisce American Society civic members!

Shout outz to the U.S. American-Cambodian Community in the USA! 

Shout outz to the U.S. American Vietnamese community in the USA!

All contexted details upon this website are purposely provided for VMAS/VMAFS-USA members only.

Communion Gatherings & Assemblus Meetings

During your visit and commitment in becoming a official Vienmerisce American Society civic member you will find common relations such as sharing same ancestric backgrounds as other visiting peers and also accommodating foreign family wanders. Get more familiar and educate them with the wonderment of your experiences and U.S. American heritage, enclude your current social affiliation & ethnic or religious traditional culture. Don't miss this opportunity to get acquainted and comfortable among all members to familiarize yourself more easily. Your personality will clearly define your interest and social position to all acquirate affiliate members & fellow peers.


Reminder to enclude in your conversation the topic of why you wanted to become a fellow civic member of our Vienmerisce American Society community; also, enclude how you discovered about us. Describe your personal opinion and since you've join VMAS/VMAFS, if anything new or better has happened to you.

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Enroll for Vienmerisce Linguistics Acquirate

Vienmerisce Linguistics

Learn to speak a U.S. American ethnic language of modern U.S. America, a traditional heritage form of communication emdowed upon VMAS civic members. Vienmerisce linguistics is an alternative way to speak and express to each other and promote diversity in culture within our local community.

Emportant Reminder: VM-ID

All VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members must bring their VM-ID to all meetings & events to attend, encluding any VM acquirate classes.

Available for VM civic members only.