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Published: July 17th, 2021.

Sponsored by:
Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA) Corporation

Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA


Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, is a United States of America FEC political campaign committee organization, derived from the local ethnic social community, Vienmerisce American Society. Vienmerisce (Non-Profit family civic ethnic organization entity). This U.S. American political committee was established and filed by, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, who is the Leuvaulte, Veittemieignzce & Loiveitte for VMAS-USA and also the principle campaign committee organizor and treasury for Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, of the United States of America, for her upcoming candidacy for California Senate for 2022 (2024).

See VIENMERISCE official website for more enformation: Http://

VM-VTM-USA's political voice in representation for the state of California in the upcoming election for 2022 (2024) is a brief concise approach to entroduce and hyperidentify the acknowledgment and opportunity of F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's particular emportance and her social group's enadsistence within this specific region- state and national country, the utbility to proexecute the proper demands that this specific state needs enorder to maintain a healthy local state. F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's acteous role would be to emfulfill the retentive idleness that has resulted from past recessive procrasinations which have affected the dramatic effects into unsurrealty. The U.S. American economy ideal needs to repair a faulty past and supervise a poisive and convinent up-cline to reach future ideal and boastive standards, in hopes to bring a libre of equality as a remedus definition for the state of California's future outlook.

Candidate F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's political campaign committee, Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA to promote her efforts in the upcoming 2022 (2024) USA Election. F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a U.S. American lecturual candidate, and will be up for election for the Year 2022 and 2024, as the U.S. American Senate representative for the State of California, sponsored by Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA) and member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

In representation for the Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS), for District-State-National representation at the Congressional Federal Senate Assemblus Conventions & U.S. American Campaign Elections for the state of California.

U.S. American FEC Political Committee Organization and local Community Affiliation for Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, represented by VM's Leuvaulte-Veittemeignzce and Loiveitte, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire and representing her local community, Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA).

(Vi·en·mer·is·ce Veit·te·mei·gnzce U·S·A) (Veit·te·meig·nzce) (Veit·te·meignzc·e) (Veit·te·meign·zce) (Veit·te·meignz·ce) (Veit·te·me·ignz·ce)


Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, Political campaign committee for U.S. American national federal election for 2022 (2024); and Congressional California State Senate Candidate, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire.

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, emacts as a judicial republicist enterpretuor for the under-represented & underknowledged entities of the local area, also representative and speaker for her local community.

Participates in executive procedures to prompt and promote appraised legislating standards- requested by the local federal district-state of U.S.A.'s national federal congressional government administrative entities under obligatory emententment.

'For the demand of the state, I propraise the empraisistant of the lawful utbility of U.S. American legislating and prioritize executive demands as a regulartory and emacteous counter flex securing a obligatory prounduntney state, steadily- and blessing a vast diligent future for each state where I shall adacceive as an elective candidate of Congress, resident and citizen of the USA'.

-F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire

U.S. Election for California Senate 2022 (2024)


FEC Candidate: 
F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire


FEC Principle Committee:
Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA